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What we do

MarKov Prints offer a digital fabric printing service on a variety of fabrics including silk, linen, cotton, wool and viscose. We cater to anyone with a creative vision, including a variety of businesses and individuals.

From textile artists, fashion and interior designers, to costume departments for theatre and film industries. With fast lead times and the precise nature of digital fabric printing, fashion and textile clients will be able to cater to an ever-changing market, responding to global trends and their customers' demands, ensuring their company provides cost efficient, high quality goods. Entertainment industry clients will also have the benefit of our experience in haute couture.

Digital printing

Digital fabric printing technology allows designs and images to be printed directly from the computer screen onto your chosen natural fibre, such as silk, linen, cotton, wool or viscose. This process enables MarKov Prints to reproduce photographic quality prints, giving our clients a fabulous opportunity to create prints of high quality and precision.


Silk, Cotton, Linen, Wool and Viscose.
Print costs range from £25 -£35 per metre and can print up to 160cm wide.
Our minimum print length is 1 metre. Most clients use this as a test by filling the fabric sample with multiple images, scales and colourways.

Students - We offer a 25% discount to students. Please provide proof of student ID before placing an order.

Payment Terms

Work cannot commence for the Client, until we issue the Client with an estimate for the print charges and VAT. This estimate needs the Client's signature, which also assures us that the Client agrees to the Terms & Conditions referred to on this site. The services offered via MarKov Prints require a two stage payment process. Firstly, payment of 50% of the estimated total charges due, to be paid by the Client online on the same day as commissioning the work, and prior to it being started. Secondly, the balance payment for the work completed, which will be invoiced to the Client upon completion of the service and delivery of any outputs to the Client.
This invoice will show any additional charges incurred and will require payment for the outstanding balance, within 14 days from the date of invoice. All amounts payable must be paid in full in pounds sterling (unless otherwise indicated) without any deductions or set offs. If the Client’s payment is rejected or refused or if the Client defaults in payment, the amount owed will be treated as overdue and we will be entitled to immediately suspend or cease the provision of the relevant service to the Client until payment has been received.

Sign-off and Collection of Work

Clients are encouraged to visit our studio to approve colour matches and sign-off on the commencement of all print jobs. MarKov Prints aims to match colours as closely as possible but due to variables in the process an exact match from screen to final printed fabric is not always achievable. As all fabric is steamed and washed there may be a degree of shrinkage between 5% and 15%. Clients need to be aware that it is difficult to match a colour on-screen, to a colour once printed on the fabric.
Clients are encouraged to collect their completed work in person. It can be despatched via courier or other delivery services at a cost to the Client, payable online before the print job is despatched.


To get in touch, please use one of the following options:
Tel: +44(203)3057619
Mob: 07757263825
Address: First floor,36, Pentonville Road,London, N1 9HF.

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