Web Friendly Fonts

Web Friendly Fonts

Web friendly notes are those that are most commonly able to render correctly on every browser or email inbox. Almost all web browsers are capable of displaying four primary fonts properly. These fonts include: Times, Arial, Helvetica and Verdana. Browsers are also able to display variations of these fonts such as Arial Narrow and Times New Roman. Because they are common and can be displayed by virtually every system, these fonts are prime choices for text when creating web pages or e-newsletter templates.

These web-safe fonts ensure that every visitor will be able to seamlessly read all information that a site or email marketing newsletter has to offer. They not only ensure that text is displayed properly, but also that readers do not strain their eyes, can find information, and navigate through a site or newsletter’s links without too much effort. These fonts improve the user experience which contributes to marketing success.

When graphic designers — or other web-savvy individuals — take on a design project, they should consider web friendly fonts for all of their text elements. While it is possible to deviate from these font families, deviation brings risks. Not all users will have every font installed. If a user cannot run the designer’s chosen font, the web text will render differently — and sometimes illegibly — for the visitor. For site owners attempting to convert visitors to trials or sales, or email marketers trying to reach their mailing list — using an ‘unfriendly’ font can quickly lead to a high bounce rate and eliminate return visitors, damage conversion rates or increase newsletter cancellations.

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