What’s In It For Me

What’s In It For Me

Also identified as WIIFM, is a simple way of factoring in a user’s mindset when visiting a business’s website. When users visit a site, they typically have a goal — or something they want to accomplish during their time there. Successful online businesses are able to quickly show visitors what they have to offer. When a site visitor asks, “What’s in it for me to join this business’s mailing list?” successful businesses shows them what they have to offer.

The typical web user is able to decide in a matter of seconds whether a site suits their needs and desires. Benefits need to be clearly explained and emphasized. When a new user visits a website, their eyes should be drawn immediately to this information. For some, it may be as simple as “Sign up for our free newsletter featuring weekly offers!”

Users require incentives to give their information. Ethical bribes can convert a visitor to a subscriber; many businesses offer new subscribers discounts when they join a mailing list, or provide downloads of whitepapers or other valuable material.

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