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If you’ve come to iContact looking for someone to have your back, you’re in the right place. If there’s anything our customers love more than our digital marketing solutions, it’s our people.

You can ask us anything. We don’t hide our phone number; it’s right up there next to our name. And if you’d rather chat or email us, please do. Our product experts, trainers, Strategic Advisors and Customer Success Managers are here to ensure you get the most out of your contacts and our tools.

Any company can provide software; iContact is in the marketing results business because providing customers with exceptional service from day one never gets old for us. Since 2003, iContact has been a partner to many small and medium businesses, empowering millions of users to share their stories, ideas, causes, and products through automation, email and social marketing.

Each time your business gets a win with our tools and award-winning support, we harness that knowledge and pay it forward to the next customer by building even smarter marketing features.

So if you’re just getting started, looking for our latest resources, or interested in our API, everything you need is just a click, chat or call away — including our team.

Let’s do incredible things, together.

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