10 Hacks to Help You Not Suck at Social Content

10 Hacks to Help You Not Suck at Social Content

Almost everyone is on social media these days, so businesses are learning how to use social media as another marketing channel. That doesn’t mean all businesses are good at it. If you’ve ever been annoyed or offended by a company’s social media campaign, you know they might have lost your business. 

So how does your social media compare? 

Larry Kim is widely considered one of the premier experts on paid search marketing. As a paid search consultant, his strategies were so successful he founded WordStream to productize his techniques which have helped thousands of businesses get better results while saving time and money with paid search and social media advertising. 

In this webinar brought to you by iContact, Larry takes us through his Top 10 Hacks to help you not suck at social content. Learn what to avoid, and how to kick your content from average to amazing. 

Find out:

  • The importance of proper audience identification on Facebook and LinkedIn
  • How to spot the difference between a “Donkey” and a “Unicorn”
  • How to create and reuse “Unicorn” content that blows away the competition
  • The value of pairing social media advertising with your email marketing campaigns for killer ROI
  • What could happen if you spent just a few dollars on Facebook and LinkedIn to amplify reach (Spoiler Alert: More leads!)

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