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Short on time but want great marketing inspiration? Here’s a one-two punch of our latest and greatest learning videos.

Presented by Lauren Harold, Director of Client Services, iContact,

Kim Dubczak, Customer Success Manager,

Kyle Munn, Strategic Advisor

and Steven Rausch, Strategic Advisor II

Presented by Hank Hoffmeier, Strategic Insights Manager, iContact

and Alexa Arriola, Product Visionary

Presented by Chelsea Konowoski, Inbox Optimization Specialist, iContact

and Justin Frechette, Deliverability Analyst & ISP Relationship Manager

Presented by Hank Hoffmeier, Strategic Insights Manager, iContact

and Alexa Arriola, Product Visionary

Presented by Hank Hoffmeier, Strategic Insights Manager, iContact

Presented by Paige Madtes, Strategic Advisor, iContact

with Client Speaker, Samuel Itin, Board member, Activate Good

Presented by Jess Knight, Editor, iContact’s Ultimate Subject Line Guide

with Letitia Petway, Strategic Advisor, iContact

Presented by Hank Hoffmeier, Strategic Insights Manager, iContact

Presented by Alec Ferrell, Web Manager and Art Director, iContact

with Rhiannon Merchant, Digital Designer and Illustrator, iContact

Presented by Jess Knight, Content and Creative Manager, iContact

with special guest David Gonynor, CEO, That’s Biz

Presented by Allie Fisher, Marketing Operations Manager, iContact

with special guests Andrew Pearson, VP of Sales and Marketing, iContact

and Lauren Harold, Manager of Strategic Services, iContact

Presented by Scott Reese, Security Operations Engineer, iContact

John Hayes, Marketing Strategist, iContact

Greg Ives, Product Marketing Manager, iContact

Presented by John Thies, CEO, Email on Acid

Jerry Pemberton, Manager of Design Services, iContact

Presented by Josh Mendelsohn, VP of Marketing, Privy

Ashley Bloomquist, Senior Deliverability Strategist, iContact

Almost everyone is on social media these days, so businesses are learning how to use social media as another marketing channel. That doesn’t mean all businesses are good at it. 

A company may have the best product or service in their field, but how do they get their message out? And how do they get their customers to remember them so they return? Successful businesses know that their growth and reputation require having both a strong brand and marketing strategy. What is a brand? How do you build yours? How can you market yourself for both brand- and business growth? Join Hank Hoffmeier and Annie Franceschi to learn how branding and marketing work together, both off-line and online, to help your business grow and succeed. [43:18]

We want to provide all iContact users with valuable information on how to succeed with email marketing, no matter their experience level — whether you’re just getting started, or if you’re already using email marketing and ready to improve your results. And that’s why we created this webinar with Phil Frost of Main Street ROI. During the webinar, we’ll walk you through the 5 habits of effective email marketing, so you can generate more leads and sales! [61:01]

Digital Marketing Webinars

These videos are designed to help curious minds get exposure to other channels beyond our “bread and butter” knowledge of email marketing and marketing automation. You’ll learn about advanced subjects such as SEO, press releases, and planning webinars.

Larry Kim, widely considered one of the premier experts on paid search marketing, takes a deep dive into data he has gathered from analyzing thousands of integrated marketing plans in terms of how paid search, social media, your blog, and email marketing all work together to bring in business. He shares his humorous findings on how to find your “Unicorns” and dramatically increase ROI by putting into action what you glean from paid search and social to the betterment of your email marketing. [54:22]

Join iContact’s Hank Hoffmeier to learn 5 actionable ways to keep those newly acquired prospects engaged. You will walk away from this webinar with concrete items to check off your email marketing list and ensure that your holiday rush wasn’t for naught. [36:10]

Presented by Alec Ferrell, Web Manager and Art Director, iContact

with Rhiannon Merchant, Digital Designer and Illustrator, iContact

Heat up your holiday marketing strategy by evaluating the challenges (and opportunities) the holiday marketing season presents to your business. [59:00]

Follow along with our guest presenter, Dela Quist! Learn why true personalization can only be achieved by automating your campaigns using next generation tools such as iContact. [61:14]

Ever wonder how a company gets to the top of Google search results? Know that successful search engine optimization (SEO) means more customers, but don’t know where to start? You’re in luck. Simone Watson, iContact’s resident SEO expert and Loren Baker, Founder of Search Engine Journal/Co-Founder of Foundation Digital have teamed up to help you get started with your SEO aspirations. [54:07]

Public relations (PR) is not just for large companies, or big newsmakers. Every business and nonprofit can strengthen brand credibility and marketing impact by leveraging their engagement with journalists, bloggers and news sites. PR also extends the reach of your email marketing campaigns, repurposing content from your newsletter or emails, and taking it beyond the reach of your current subscriber list and expanding your audience. Join Hank Hoffmeier, iContact’s Strategic Insights Manager, as he discusses how to leverage news releases and email marketing for combined success. [23:50]

How do you know if your holiday marketing campaigns are hitting the right targets? What can last year’s campaigns teach you about this year’s potential success? What metrics do you need to keep top of mind during a busy marketing season? Watch our webinar and master the metrics that drive the holiday marketing bottom line. [40:58]

Webinars and live streaming videos have emerged as two of the hottest communication strategies for B2B and B2C brands. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 66% of marketers identified webinars as an effective B2B tactic. Why? Because they work — webinars have proven to be an effective way to generate new leads, build trust, and strengthen relationships with existing customers. But the big question is: How can you leverage the power of webinars for your brand? [30:03]

Join marketing strategist John Hayes as he shares his secrets to Holiday marketing success, and stories of how iContact customers increased their open, click-through, and conversion rates with targeted Holiday campaigns. [42:53]

Email Marketing Webinars

Many of the biggest marketing issues companies and nonprofits face today can be solved with email marketing — making it our favorite video subject matter. And after 15 years in business as an email service provider, it’s something we know a lot about.

Savvy marketers agree: email marketing is trusted, affordable — and it works. So how do you get started? Learn what every emailer needs to know about, planning, goals, resources, and more. [58:37]

Do your emails need a make-over? Are you looking for new ways to update your email template? Are you unsure of best practices to get the most conversions from your email design? You’re not alone! [59:41]

Learn about the benefits of proper list hygiene with iContact. [18:52]

iContact’s Google Analytics integration puts the smarts behind intelligent email marketing. Our Google Analytics integration is an excellent tool to help you analyze your iContact email campaigns. [10:11]

For every email marketer, the number one goal should be to reach the inbox. But all too often, Spam filters, blacklisted IP addresses, or poor sender reputation can stand between a marketer and inbox success. Learn the secrets of deliverability and how to maximize the number of emails getting in front of your subscribers in our next iContact webinar, hosted by two of our deliverability experts. [29:45]

Marketing Automation Webinars

Often described as “too complicated” by business owners and busy marketers, the goal of this video lineup is to finally make using marketing automation make some sense. So fear not; by the end of this playlist we’ll have you automating your messages like a Pro.

Marketers dream big, but they often lack the ability to act big. Enter Marketing Automation – one of the best tools for leveling the playing field for businesses of all sizes. Learn how to implement automation into your marketing campaigns and discuss the impact that it can have on the bottom line. [42:37]

Take your company or organization to the next level of success with more features, more intelligence, more functionality. That’s where marketing automation comes in: Automation allows you to grow your business by reaching today’s consumer with the right message at the right time, wherever they are. [52:25]

You already know what email can do for your business, but now you need more — additional features to take you to the next level of success. That’s where marketing automation comes in: Automation allows you to grow your business by reaching today’s consumer with the right message at the right time, wherever they are. [61:37]

Drip Campaigns are a workflow designed to improve marketing efficiency and create a tailored experience for each contact by automatically delivering relevant and timely information based on segmented data. With a little effort, this approach can greatly improve sales conversion. Learn how to plan a workflow for drastically improved results. [46:23]

Not sure where to start with workflows and marketing automation? Have you ever wondered how workflows fit into your overall marketing strategy? Join iContact’s Kris Ostrowka as he takes a deep-dive into two essential workflows: a welcome series and a re-engagement campaign. [42:03]

iContact presents an exclusive webinar for Premier clients. Join Justin Frechette, iContact’s Deliverability Analyst and ISP Relations Manager, as he talks about the newly launched iContact Report Card. Available only to Premier clients, the Report Card is a comprehensive, objective analysis of sending strategies. [36:10]

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