Hardlink is one of several methods of object hyperlinking that includes graphical tags or most recently promoted QRCodes, SMS (sinple message service) tags and RFID (radio frequency identification) tags. Just like a traditional hyperlink creates a reference link to information on a web page, the hardlink method establishes a reference link between a physical world object and a .mobi web page.

Today the most popular use of this technology is the smartphone. For users to access hardlink data there is usually a requirement for a graphical object tag application or other special software to be pre-loaded on a user’s cell phone, and also requires the phone be internet enabled.

The consumer use and market for object hyperlinking methods has grown more popular in the last few years and has proven a viable marketing method. Users are able to access more detailed product information when QRCodes are added to retail displays and print advertising. These hardlinks are also used to offer potential customers added value product discounts or additional items at little or no cost.

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