Flighting is a term used to describe advertising frequency and a method of timed communications with a consumer base. This is also a method of stretching those marketing dollars. Flighting is an effective and affordable alternative to advertising in all possible mediums on a continuous basis.

First there are some questions that have to be answered before a flight pattern can be developed:

1. What media or outlet has in the past gotten the most response?

2. Is the product or service a completely new one or is it one that you want to reinvigorate?

3. Are there seasonal influences on sales?

Once these questions are answered here are a few ideas for message frequency:

Continuous Flighting – A specialty restaurant places a weekly ad in the local event and dining guide.

Startup Flighting – A micro-brewery introduces a seasonal brew and schedules advertising for the length of the season or until the limited stock is sold.

Front-loading – If the micro-brewery had marketed prior to the release of the specialty brew then this would be front-loading and would have had consumers anticipating the release and ready to buy as soon as the bottles hit the store shelves.

Pulse Flighting – This is a money-saving strategy that staggers messages on a regular basis. This method takes time for consumers to notice these ads and messages but it also takes them time to notice when advertising has stopped, which extends reach, while slowing frequency and lessening marketing costs.

Seasonal Push – Almost every business has their high and low sales periods. By knowing these times, you can take advantage of seasonal push flighting.

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