Email Sponsorships

Email Sponsorships

As an advertiser or email market specialist buying banner ads or contributing an article to another email marketer’s newsletters is one way of expanding your message to a new and targeted audience. The upside to doing this in an online medium is that the efficacy of each ad placed or article contributed can be tracked and measured for reliability.

When choosing the partner in this venture it is important to stick with a demographic that will be responsive to either an ad or article. It makes no sense if you are selling air conditioners to buy space in a newsletter that is sent to a list consisting of seamstresses. Although most seamstresses value a cool and comfortable place to work, they are not likely to respond. You also have to look at the reputation of the company in regard to their email metrics; what are their click through to open rates, what is their conversion rate, etc.

Costs vary and are usually based on a cost per email ($.10/each email sent) or CPM rate ($100/thousand). To become an exclusive sponsor of one or more email marketing newsletters the cost goes up significantly and may transfer into two to three dollars per email sent or a CPM rate of several thousand dollars. The costs, regardless, must be weighed based on a solid conversion rate.

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