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Improve your email deliverability and ensure that your subscribers receive your emails with iContact’s team of deliverability experts.

Improve your email deliverability and open rates

Increase Inbox Deliverability and Opens. Decrease Unsubscribes and Spam Complaints.

Conquer the inbox with iContact’s team of industry-leading deliverability experts. We help our clients set up their email-sending basics (i.e., SPF record, sender properties), discuss effective content for emails, examine Spam and bounce rates, and determine ways to maximize subscriber engagement.

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Have your emails pass the spam test

iContact’s award winning support team is here to help. Get guidance on how you can improve your deliverability practices and make it to the subscriber inbox.

Improve your inboxing chances with our Deliverability Report Card

The iContact Report Card – specifically tailored for every client – grades overall sending, as well as four individual metrics (open rate, hard bounce rate, SUTOR™, and complaint rate).

iContact’s revolutionary algorithm delivers, at a glance, a comprehensive, objective assessment of your email marketing, enabling you and your Strategic Advisor to work together and focus on areas that need improvement.

The SUTOR™ score, unique only to iContact, is an acronym for Spam Complaints + Unsubscribes to Open Rate. SUTOR™ measures the rate at which subscribers remove themselves from a customer’s list compared with the open rate of messages. 

A low SUTOR™ score means that a customer has an engaged and loyal group of subscribers. A high SUTOR™ score indicates that there are problem areas that need to be examined and optimized.

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"Not only are we reaching MORE of our contacts, we are reaching more often and with better technology and better results. The resources and amazing crew at iContact have made my job fun and exciting to do every day!"

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Our deliverability consultation will help you develop a strategy to protect your domain reputation and put in place good list hygiene practices. We’ll help you figure out how to grow your list while maintaining high deliverability.

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