Email Friendly Name

Email Friendly Name

It is the display name or nickname from the sender and is displayed in a recipient’s email inbox in the “From” area. Email friendly names can appear in addition to the email address, or they can replace the address entirely. It depends entirely on the email sender’s preference.

Email marketers or a non-profit’s communication team can leverage email friendly names to better connect with their clients and message recipients. Through market research and A/B testing, marketers are generally able to ascertain which email friendly name their recipients will most like respond to in a positive way. For some audiences, a personal name works best, especially for subscribers who want to feel connected to their sender. Others may use their email friendly name to display a department in the company sending the messages, such as “Promotions at Company.” These types of names help users to determine with whom they are actually corresponding. Still other email marketers might choose a descriptive email friendly name to let users know from the beginning what type of message they are receiving. These marketers may send messages from “Company A’s Offers” or “Company A’s Newsletter.”

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