This term sometimes referred to as co-registration marketing, which allows one company to leverage a partner company’s subscriber base or newsletter base to gain new subscribers or customers for their own mailings and products. This is an effective list-building process which allows companies and organizations to reach out to a larger subscriber base than would be possible on their own. This powerful internet marketing tool offers quick, low-cost access to a large number of opt-in leads.

Co-registration prompts users to sign up for more information during the registration process. Often, subscribers meet with call-to-actions such as “Sign up for deals by our partners,” prompting them to opt-in to receive new offers.

The best way to implement this marketing process is to research partners. Typically, companies or senders will seek businesses and organizations who target a similar demographic with a complimentary or companion product; most senders will shy away from organizations who are too similar or who may offer a competing product or service. When researching partners, marketers are commonly interested in data related to the partner’s number of subscribers, daily web traffic, and the logistics of their opt-in subscription process. This marketing tactic often requires the co-registrant to pay their partner for the opportunity to reach out to their subscriber base. Typically, payment depends on the number of subscribers that the potential partner’s message reaches or the number of days that a company is listed as a partner.

When used properly, co-registration, is very effective. The success of these campaigns often depends on two factors: the partner’s list and good email copy. The quality and size of the partner’s list determines the willingness of their subscribers to opt-in to a new company’s mailings.

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