Convenience Products

Convenience Products

Are those that consumers are likely to purchase, to make a daily task, or chore easier, and helps to lessen the length or intensity of repetitive tasks. These can include prepackaged meals and fast food. These products are purchased regularly by large number of consumers and because of their popularity are usually priced low. Because of this, shoppers give little thought before purchase. These products are distributed widely  and advertised using many of the media and marketing channels available today. Some of these marketing efforts are done with social media, email newsletters, QRCodes at point of sale locations and in printed advertisements.

Many of these products are standards in modern society. They include but are not limited to cleaning products, food, personal care items like shampoo, deodorants, soaps, and lotions. Many purchase decisions are made when the customer is exposed to promotional activity, such as a purchase incentives like special discounts offered to certain online shoppers. These promotional activities often lead customers to engage in impulse buying.

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