It is an essential part of any marketing campaign.  In its simplest terms, a brand is the recognizable name or symbol used to identify a company and its products, and more importantly, to separate the company and products from its competition on the market. Branding grants an organization quick recognition. The goal is to have people remember a company name even if they have never used that product or even to recognize a brand’s symbol without necessarily remembering the product name.

Branding consists of logos, symbols, and design features such as regularly used colors, consistent layouts and more, that come together to construct an organization’s market identity.These elements combined produce a desirable or trusted image for potential customers and subscribers. Consistent branding convinces the market that your organization brings quality, experience and reliability. It is a key step in gaining customer recognition and loyalty.

While there are many elements that bring together an email marketing campaign, branding pulls together a consistent look and feel for emails sent from a single user over time. One of the easiest ways to achieve consistent branding in email campaigns is to create a consistent email format. Many email marketers create a simple template that incorporates their organization’s logo, slogan and colors. This template can be used for e-newsletters and other mass email communications with their subscriber base.

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