B2C is the acronym for the business-to-consumer relationship and describes relationships and communications between an enterprise or organization and the individuals who make up its client base. This term clearly distinguishes business-to-consumer communication through various means from other communications including business-to-business and business-to-government. Unlike B2B relationships, B2Cs communicate with customers about their end-product. They vend already manufactured products, services and other goods to individuals for personal use.

B2C communications can take on a number of forms. These interactions can range from commercials and advertisements via a number of channels to communications with a subscriber mailing list. Often, businesses will leverage well-crafted periodic e-newsletters to engage with their consumer audience. Unlike B2C commercials or ads, these email newsletters do not have to directly market any product or service. Indirect B2C marketing is effective at keeping the business in the forefront of their consumers’ minds, build trust and generate repeat sales.

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