Ambient Media

Ambient Media

is a form of advertising that we have come to accept as it surrounds most every aspect of our daily lives. These advertisements can be found on shopping carts, public transportation, and cars and trucks as we navigate our normal daily routines. The concept of ambient media draws upon the principles of manifestation, morphing, intelligence, and experience.

The reasons that this form of marketing has grown quite quickly over the last few years are many and include its versatility in reaching consumers at the points of sale, and almost always precise consumer targeting.  Ambient intelligence based media can also facilitate mass attention in centralized locations, or directly interact with consumers during normal every day activities.

Other examples of ambient media are messages that appear on the backs of car park receipts, on subway billboards and sides of city buses. More overt displays are seen on hot air balloons at festivals, blimps at sporting events, and more recently product placement on television shows and in movies.

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